Content is king so wheres the cash?

Ok, so Obviously The word of the day is that content is king. Trying out every method researched on the internet has proven fruitless. If you search, seo, indexing, meta tags or content, you will find the most information is dated 2009. I'm not sure why this is as all the panda updates and so forth happend between then and now. I'm still on a mission to find the right approach without needing access to a site to rule 100 social media accounts just to get google to take me seriously. Further more and the timeing is impecable that my articles have just begun to earn me some real money that they seem not to be accepting my content. Well I'm moving on to other publishers some seem promising. Over the next week I will have more information as its about what we can do with our content to monitize. Not just what they will allow. Most of them use adsense so that leaves us splitting if anything at all. I will keep posting and keep trying until I get a few people to get on the wagon with me. Hopefully some of these other outfits will not throw me off the wagon and allow me to produce if its profitable. One place takes 2-3 days to review articles another takes 1-2 weeks. I just joined one that seems small enough to do it daily. Issue is will my content be ontop vs. (which one I use). Or. Is it my content and seo that is suffering. Time will tell. I will Provide results in a future

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